Friday, 8 July 2011

Infosys Training In Mysore

                                                          Infosys Training In Mysore

It was 11 january 2010, when we reached to beautiful Infosys mysore campus- biggest corporate university, with lot of excitement and energy. I came along with 3 of my friends: they were my collegemates- Swapnil, Ankit and Indra.

One of our college friend-Monika, who already came 2 months before us, shown us the whole campus.visiting campus was such an amazing-feeling like I came to some other planet. we were allocated individual rooms as good as 3 star hotels or I should say somewhat better than them. I placed Durga maa and my guruji's photo on table and thanked them for considering me for all these.

Again I and Swapnil arrived for second visit to campus. We took cycles- the use of cycles by all, infoscions inside the campus was thrilling.Our command on cycling was similar to what super commando dhruv Used to have on his bike. I started cycling wavering my both hands in air. Suddenly I saw Indra came and sat on the back seat of the cycle. I didn't mind it and continued cycling. Just after two minutes we both heard a whistle from Infosys guard, he came to us with weird look and scolded us like anything. That became our first terrorizing experience inside Infosys campus. But whatever, he left us giving some future warning - but he didn't know that we were from Ujjain engineeering college ,habituated of all of these.

While having our dinner the only topic of discussion was the exit-criteria. Every one was trying to get some information about the toughness of exams and about the quality of training Infosys provides. Every one of us were having in there mind that till now no one from Ujjain got terminated from Infosys and they didn't want themselves to cut the ribbon. We went to our allotted room and slept, thinking what surprises or shock we will be getting tomorrow.

At morning 5 o'clock I got a call on intercom, I picked the call and heard 'Jai Mahakaal'. I understood this is Indra but looking at time I felt like kick him on his back, I thought people from Ujjain have got free phones and facilities, now Infosys has to suffer.He said we will be leaving at 9 o'clock and teasingly dropped the phone. I thought what the **** and again went to sleep.

At morning 9 o'clock we all met outside the building. Truly speaking, all of them were looking like gentleman. We had our breakfast and moved to our classes. First five days were going to be the induction programme and we all were,not interested at all in listening their rules and binomial theorems like policies. So we just sat on last benches and started enjoying the ambiance.

First five days went all same in exploring the Infy campus and visiting the Mysore. Mysore in itself is lovely place to visit. Visiting the palace,Tipusultan Kila,Chamundeshwari temple and beautifull Brindavan garden was really an amazing experience.

Then started our training with some basic course. I found a guy named Shauma Jyoti Kundu sitting beside me and one girl called Sharmi. Both were from West Bengal, even I would say I was surrounded by all Bengalis. We were instructed to set our password. I tried several password like:
password123,pass123word,Hate4Devil,ram2ravana etc
but nothing was working for me. Then that girl reset my password at last and told me the same. Finally I got my password. I was just thinking if this is the start of my training what will be the end.

Our rigorous training continued for five and a half months. I am not going in deep about the training programme but I would say those five and a half months were toughest. In last 15 days we were required to submit one project. As all of us were fully tired because of that hectic training so I decided to take the project of some other guy and submitted it. During that post project period, we got to know that we all-Swapnil, Ankit, Indra passed the training with very good grades.That evening we went to nearby temple and then went to 'Jai mata di' dhaba, very famous for the north Indian food.

We started packing our luggage so as to move to our allocated development center. Me and Swapnil got Bangalore as our base location while Indra and Ankit got Pune as there base location. We all were feeling lucky as we got very good cities to stay in.

One day prior to our departure, list of people came who got caught in cheating case in Post project. It was a bolt from the blue when I saw my name shining in that list. All of us were instructed to cancel our tickets to move out of campus till HR decision comes. We were eagerly waiting for their decision. I remembered, I asked one girl named Shanu to go and cry in front of HR people but she laughingly said I am trying but tears are not coming out and thus she made the mood of all of us somewhat lighter. Finally the decision came and we all got zero marks in final project. This was shocking to 3 people. Because of this zero they were failing to get the minimum marks required to pass the training. It was severe blow to whole batch. We have spent the difficult time together so we all were sharing some sort of invisible bond. Today I am happy because all of them are performing really well in there respective stream in different organization.
At last we too departed to our respective DCs.

Playing Basketball at night, Rock climbing, Bowling and Swimming using Plastic pads were all the part of my first time experiences. Also how can I forgot the Amphitheater- one of the example of finest building, where we watched movies like Veer, Paranormal Activities , Legion etc. Really all these had made my training awesome and memorable.

Overall I don't understand the reason why we don't like our present much, but when the same present becomes the past we surely miss it a lot. Thrilling experience of cheating in exams along  with Shauma Jyoti, Sharing of knowlegde and very good emails (you can understand as all of us got those mails) with Sudarshan N, Playing cricket with Shiva, lunch and Dinner with Vivek, Preeti, Dhansingh, Jitesh, Monika and all my friends has made this first time 'out of home' experience wonderful.


  1. It was nice reading your experience. Specially liked your message of enjoying the present moment.

    Keep writing! waiting for your new post.