Monday, 9 July 2012

A visit to Hamukhedi and sawari of lord mahakaleshwar.

As I am waiting for my new inning to start, time is passing enjoying nice food and having boundless sleep. Waked up at 10 O'Clock, thinking what will be the plan today, I decided to have a visit to the BIJASAN MATA temple .Approximately at around 11:30,  reached the temple. This is a takery  which is situated in gram Hamukhedi near Ujjain on Dewas road. On top approximately 1000ft above ground , there is a temple of Bijasan Mata. That is also a sort of picnic spot where people used to come from all over the country. We can have a nice aerial view of Ujjain from the temple. The best thing about the temple I liked is the huge  and marvelous statue of LION sitting in front of maa Bijasan. Lion was  looking extremely powerful and energetic.We can definitely feel the nice and powerful aura surrounding us in the temple. Please find some beautiful pics of this  temple, I have taken.

At 3 o clock I came back to home, had my lunch and started watching my favorite TV serial ‘Tarak Mehta ka ootlah chashmah’. While watching the television , my mom came, reminding that today is the first Monday of the month ‘Saavan’ and I have to go to Mahakaaleshwar sawari .I said oh….…………………..
I felt irritated thinking again I have to go and join that huge crowd but anyway I can’t say anything to mom and finally said ‘ok’.

Mahakal ki Sawari is the special processions that are taken out in the Shravan or Sawan month in the Ujjain Mahakal Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. These special rituals are held on the Mondays or Somwar in Shravan Mahina. Mahakal ki Sawari 2012 dates are July 9, 16, 23,  30. The Shravan month in 2012 as per traditional calendars followed in North India begins on July 4 and ends on August 2.
Special processions of the murti of Lord Shiva are held on all Mondays in the surroundings of the Ujjain Mahakal Temple. Thousands of people arrive to witness this unique ritual.This is also the period when the Kanwar Yatra takes place.

At around 4 o clock I started  for the temple. I already knew that there will be a huge crowd from the common path we used to go by, frequently so I decided to take longer and separate root via a bridge. I decided to go to Ram ghat where the sawari of Lord Shiva will come at 5 o clock. I was just two km away from our destination and got to know because of the huge crowd , vehicles were not allowed after that point. Didn’t have any option I parked my bike there itself and started walking for the ‘Ram ghat’.

Suddenly there started heavy raining. I was completely wet. Actually I liked it wholeheartedly. As I feared-involving myself in a huge crowd in this hot summer. That  heavy rain definitely provided a big relief. I reached ‘Ram Ghat’ in time. The scene was awesome-In spite of heavy rain some thousands of people were standing fearlessly challenging the god of rain and waiting for the sawari  to come. I too joined the masses in that heavy rain. It was raining so heavily that people were not able to see distant movement.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the sawari  to come. First came some group of people (maybe some local politicians) wearing white kurtas hovering their hands in the air-feeling themselves special, but who cares. Then came another group of pundits-some were making sound out of conch, some were playing the drums and others were just dancing and enjoying the rain.

Suddenly we heard the sound of cannon one after the other. That was the indication that the lord has come to ask the whereabouts of his people. The place was filled with the sound of ‘Bol Bummmm’. Everyone got the glimpse of lord Shiva sitting inside the beautiful Palki. At last this has become my best experience to visit the lord mahakaaleshwar sawari. I wish I will be getting more and more such experiences in my life ahead. Jai Mahakaal !!!!

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