Saturday, 8 September 2012

Chat with an atheist

Manoj Pratap Singh, teacher by profession, atheist by belief-not purely,  talking to one of his student Prashant. Prashant is non atheist and is having a firm belief on God.  

Manoj :  Why do you believe God is there?
Prashant politely replied asking Sir why do you think God is not there?.
Manoj :  I never feel like anything supernatural happening. Whatever happening is ...I mean nothing unusual.I tried several times to connect to God but no reply from other side.
Prashant : Same reason  because I find everything unusual I believe God is there and is present everywhere. Confused?  I will explain you.
                Sir you are a very good teacher. You teach so well. You are a government employee. If at all you don’t put the extra effort to teach us  or guide us there will be no harm to you. Right ?
Manoj : Yes I agree.
Prashant : Have u ever thought what is motivating you to do something good for us?
Manoj : This gives me inner satisfaction.
Prashant : Here is the point- doing something good for us is making you happy. What does it mean?
Manoj :I don’t know.
Prashant :  It means some or other way we are all internally connected by some sort of bond. Because of this bond doing good for others is making  you happy. Finally we all want happiness. Money, Sensual pleasure etc are all ways, we think in order to find the true happiness.

Manoj  :Okie agree ! Then why people do harm to others? What motivtes them ?
Prashant : Idea originates from two sources one is soul and other is mind. Practicing your daily life you make yourself habituated of listening mostly either of the two. For example: We all think we should wake up early. You will definitely have a break in your sleep in morning. At this stage I am sure you have experienced that you know waking up at this time is good for me. But most of the time we listen to our mind which will ask for some more sleep. This is how we make our self habituated of listening to our senses rather than the soul.
Now the question you asked why people do harm to others.
When you plan something like you decided to wake up early but it does not happen. You will feel guilt within you. Same way   people do harm to others listening mostly to their senses not by their soul. This is universal truth that after committing the act they will feel guilt for themselves. Brainwashing is one of the techniques where people are motivated for sensual pleasure or they are set to believe that they are serving something higher purpose.
Manoj  : Higher purpose means?
Prashant  : For example take the example of Arjun in Mahabharat. He faught believing that he is serving the royal command and that’s why he killed the kauravas.
Manoj  : This is really great  son !
 Shall i ask one more question?
Prashant  : Yeah sure. Go ahead I will try to answer if I know.
Manoj  : You worship idols. What is the reason for worshipping the non living thing?
Prashant smiled and asked- Sir do you have wallet ?
Manoj  : Yes !
Prashant : Can you please show me.
Manoj : Yeah sure !
Sir Why have u kept your wife’s photo in your wallet?
Manoj:  Because I love her.
Prashant : Thats the reason sir. We always want to see those people near us, whom we love. Not a second we want to go away from them.
And therefore I worship idol because it gives me a feeling that I am near to him and because
I love him.

God is to love! Not to be scared off!

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